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Boosting Your Referrals
In A Single Bound!

Adam Bishop, MBA
a.k.a. Referral-Man

is recognized as one of the superheroes of home care sales and marketing. He has come to the aid of thousands of small and large agencies throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, helping them to achieve extraordinary sales growth and profitability through the use of his innovative and proven power marketing and sales strategies. During the last 10 years Adam has lent his professional expertise as a guest speaker at many national, regional, state, and private home care events. He is the co-founder of TAG Marketing and Recruiting, a leading producer of marketing products for the home care industry and an Inc. 5000 Company (One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies). Adam is also the author of "48 Proven Steps to Successfully Market Your Home Care Services," a 2002 NAHC-Selected Publication, and "Magnetic Marketing for Home Care," as well as founder of MyHomeCareSalesCoach.com, a leading online marketing and sales resource for home care sales and marketing professionals.

Supercharge Your Referrals, Your Profits, and Your Sales Team!

With the Home Care industry growing more and more competitive, you need a superhero to help you soar above the “villainous” competition. Having a precise and powerful marketing and sales program is a necessity in the quest to obtain referrals and profits. Is your sales and marketing program performing at a superhero level? Or are you wasting time and money on sales and marketing guesswork with nothing to show for it except insignificant results and losses to the competition? If you’re frustrated by the lack of results, Adam Bishop, MBA — a.k.a. Referral-Man — is the solution to help boost your sales and marketing program faster than a speeding bullet! With more than 35 years of home care experience (born into the industry by Superhero home care entrepreneurial parents and sent from the planet of Homecareion) Adam has hundreds of tried-and-proven “insider” powers to help your agency, whether small or large, seize incredible results…Guaranteed!

These powers can be provided to you through several ways:
  • Sales & Marketing Coaching Programs
  • Strategic Marketing & Sales Planning and Coaching
  • One-day Onsite Magnetic Marketing Program
All programs are completely customized and specific to your agency’s internal and external situations, taking into account market demographics, competitors, services, level of expertise, etc. Adam begins all new client relationships with at least an hour of FREE consultation and a multi-page diagnostic application to determine if your agency fits the “profile” to benefit from his services.

Adam’s Promise
If you don’t have an increase in your referrals within six months of implementing his tools and strategies, Adam provides a 100 percent no-hassle, money-back guarantee on all of his coaching and consulting services.



Download your very own copy of Adam's consulting brochure here!

Get your FREE Report to supercharge your referrals, profit, and sales team at: www.homecarereferralman.com
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